Thursday, September 24, 2009

CLAM Soup for the People!

The work of students in the pilot course version of CLAM (CAAH 201) is being proliferated to the world via a couple more digital avenues I’d like you to see:
 Check out theses sites. Post comments. Ask questions. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Around the World in 80 jpgs, mpgs, avis, etc.

Most students from the pilot program of Cultural Literacies Across Media have posted their final digital projects (or links to them) on their blogs. (Check out the links to students' blogs at the right of this frame.) The remaining projects will be available soon, as well.

CLAM students will display their work via "Digital Posters" at the Study Abroad Welcoome Back Reception on September 22 in the Flour Daniel Atrium on the campus of Clemson University. (See invitation here.) Several students will be on-hand to talk about their photography, videography, digital editing and other aspects of their cultural engagement.

Students are also joining the Facebook Group "Clemson University Study Abroad" to discuss their experiences. Plans are in the works for a related YouTube Channel as well. I encourage you to view the students' projects in some of these media (blogs, YouTube, Facebook, at the Study Abroad Reception, etc.) and learn more about their experience in the Study Abroad Program and in Cultural Literacies Across Media.

(image courtesy of

Saturday, May 2, 2009


The term is ending and I am amazed at the richness of the experiences shared by our Clemson CLAM students! My blog has been silent for some long periods as I worked on our home campus with other studies, but the blogs of our students has been constantly buzzing and humming with evidence of their cultural engagements.
If it has been a while since you checked their blogs, you should do so again to catch up on the experiences. Students are completing their comprehensive digital projects for the course and will be sharing them with our academic community. On this blog, I will announce where these projects will be displayed and provide links to the multimedia work of our students.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Arches All Over the World

Congrats, CLAMers - everyone made it to their respective fields!

I have enjoyed reading your blogs, viewing your pics, and seeing your engagement with the cultures of your host countries. (My last couple of attempts to respond were foiled by the "word verification" being down. - Also, hey Melissa, your blog seemed to disappear. What's the deal?)

So... here is your first Group Blog Challenge: McDonaldization!
  • Go to and visit the McDonald’s USA Site, as well as the site of your host country.
  • Visit, if possible, a McDonald's in your host country.
  • Compare and Contrast – what things are similar? What things are different? What similarities surprise you? What differences surprise you?

Blog about these things. Feel free to post photos and graphics, too. Read the blogs of your fellow CLAMers and respond. This should make for a very interesting collection of observations!

Feel free to email me with questions...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Almost In Full Swing!

Looks like the clam blogs are picking up steam - and I expect momentum to increase geometrically!

CLAM Students: Read the blogs - and feel free to comment liberally with your observations. Share your comparable (and incomparable) experiences with your fellow travelers! And don't forget to fill us all in on your brilliant observations of culture in media - and media in culture!