Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog 3 - "Rightsizing" Images for the Blog

Students, you will be posting digital photos often to your blog, so this first digital editing exercise is one you will put to use early and often. Don't post more picture than you need! A size of 800 x 600 with a resolution of 72 dpi is plenty! (OK - 96 dpi if you got a Mac.) Let Tommy's Joynt help explain...
I've posted two pics below of a cool restaurant I visited in San Francisco. Do you notice any difference?

The first one is untouched exactly as it was downloaded from my iPhone. Go ahead, click it. HUGE Picture! Over a 1.2 MEG!*
The second one is the same photo - but reduced to 800x600 in size with a resolution of 72 dpi. perfect size for web viewing and only a fraction of the size - only 140k! (and a fraction of the upload/download time!)

Of course, I saved the smaller pic under a new name so I could keep the higher res photo for later use. This tip will save you lots of time in posting, so practice it early and often. (Dr. Howard's videos will provide much more material for you to continue to deveop your image editing skills, but this skill you will use many times!) You can do this in any photo editing program. I use PhotoShop on my lab computer, PaintShopPro on my home computer and GIMP on my laptop.

Don't have a digital image editing software? GIMP is free! Get a copy here now:

*(1.2M uploaded - conerted to 285k by blogger - still twice as long to download, and ten times as long to upload.)


Anonymous said...

you could always save for web and devices out of photoshop :)

Randy D Nichols said...

Indeed, anonymous - Photoshop has some good shortcuts! I say - use all the short-cuts you can!

(But the know-how to specify the actual size in pixels arms our students will skills that will translate to other internet-ish compositional spaces, like web sties, etc.)

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