Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ROFL about my Blog Lingo

What kind of writing is appropriate for blogging? When faced with new and evolving new media practices, it is good to observe convention as a clue to the language of that medium. Every medium has literacy practices that are unique to that medium. For example:
  • Delivering a live speech is not the same as writing an essay. (Orality has demands writing knows not of... such as tone, pace, etc.)
  • Phone conversations are not text messages. (If you actually SAY "LOL" in a conversation, then there's a problem.) 
  • Text messages are not tweets. (A lion's share of business communication is now done via email, and 140 characters is just enough message to guarantee misunderstanding and inefficiency.)
  • And blogs are not articles for publication, but neither are they live chats.
  • Technorati published a list of the top blogs. A survey of these blogs reveals that the writing is grammatically correct, thoughtful and vigorous. The tone, length and pace may vary from blog to blog, but certain conventions of "good writing" carry across all of these.
Check Out Some Top Blogs
So, what am I saying? Write well. even in your blogs. even in short blogs. Even in blogs where other media predominantly carry your message. Because, come on, you don't ever want someone to say, "I liked your blog, but TMZ and Perez Hilton have much better grammar and writing that you have."

coz, like OMG that would be so lame, IMHO. k?

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